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When it comes to a new playground installation, it is extremely important to be assured that your playground has been installed up to all ASTM/CPSC standards

Low Frequency

Our "Low" Frequency inspection is meant to take a proactive approach on your playground, so that you can address risk hazards before they develop

**Most Popular Service**

High Frequency

Our "High" Frequency inspection is a quick look through on the equipment to determine if there are any current hazards that need to be taken care of

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After inspecting your playground we can determine a plan of action to remove/replace items that are creating a hazard for users.  It's important to make repairs to known issues to avoid negligence

Ammenity Installation

Wether you are looking to replace or a add a new element in your play area.  It is important to have someone who understands "Use Zones" to help get the best out of what you are looking for and get it in properly

Playground Installation

We also can take on full replacement of your playground.  We offer demolition of old equipment and installation of new playground equipment.  Having a CPSI do your installations can help to avoid compliance issues

Safety Surfacing

Poured in Place

Poured in Place rubber surfacing is an investment. It's important to patch any holes that develop, as well as resealing the top layer to prevent rapid degradation


Loose fill surfacing needs to be maintained properly to prevent injuries from falls, so let us help you replace your wood chips every 3 to 5 years.

Surface Testing

Unsure if your safety surfacing meets its impact attenuating needs.  Lets be certain by preforming a drop test to determine whether your surfacing meets HIC and G-Max requirements



Most large entities such as schools or municipalities have a large need to inspect their playgrounds on a regular basis.  We can help train those employees as to what they should be looking for during an inspection

Surface Replacement

When it comes to your safety surfacing, if it is not maintained properly during its lifespan, degradation may cause a need for full replacement.  We have experience with PIP/Tiles/EWF


If you don't see a service listed on here that you need assistance with, please reach out as we offer a number of other services to help with all playground needs

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