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About Us

Rocky Mountain Playground Services was specifically created to assist all playground owners with understanding their playgrounds unique needs by creating a specific program of maintenance and inspection to provide the safest opportunities for your kiddos.

The most common misconception with playgrounds, is that after it is built, it is good to leave for the next 50 years.  This is just not true, as most playgrounds have a structural lifespan of 20 years, while moving equipment and surfacing require regular maintenance.  This is why most playgrounds are under-maintained, leaving users exposed to damaged equipment, injuries to children and potential exposure to litigation.

With over 17 years of inspection/maintenance/installation experience and CPSI certification through the National Parks and Recreation Association we have the experience no one else does.

Creating a maintenance/inspection plan is required by manufacturers to preserve warranties and circumvent having liability fall on the owner for any faulty parts

Maintenance plans are available to any playground owners and most manufacturers that fall under Public Play Equipment (ASTM F1487/CPSC/ADA Standards)

  • We service Parks, HOA's, Metro Districts, Schools, Day Cares, Apartment Complexes, Etc.

We provide a wide variety of inspections: Audit/Low Frequency/High Frequency/Quality Assurance/Etc.

  • Our Audit and "Low Frequency" inspections are completed by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors


  • Depending on the type of inspection we will look for adequate use zones, loose hardware/screws/fasteners, surfacing meeting ASTM 1292 standards, proper operation of components, and assess for any other hazards that may be present


  • Upon completion of the inspection, with the request of the owner, we can provide a quote to address most compliance issues in your playground 


  • We'll take the headache out of trying to contact your distributor and get the parts that you need

We are insured for all types of playground work through one of the largest playground installation insurers.

  • We have seen many times where playgrounds are repaired or maintained by unqualified companies and their work does not meet ASTM or CPSC standards leaving the owner open to risk and potential liability issues

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